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START1000 Pluscommunication support salese negotiated customers

After making appointments with the basic START1000 service, we can continue with the START1000 servicePLUS or provide this service separately. This is a significant bonus for sales representatives to gain and maintain their loyalty,  efficiency and maximum performance, which is essential for the ongoing sustainability and profitability of a sales team these days.
START1000Plus is the assignment of a personal assistant to sales representatives for time-consuming business communication support, which shortens the sales life cycle and minimizes the loss of disconnected clients. The assistant is in telephone communication with sales representatives and clients after each business transaction or meeting, obtains independent responses, monitors and maintains the timing of business operations, arranges further meetings at a higher level of the client's company management, significantly saves time for sales representatives, helps them complete the sale and takes care about existing customers from several perspectives.
Assistants help identify the requirements of negotiated customers, find out what is preventing the sale, and then help communicate these requirements and barriers, which leads to successful results for every sale made. Our personal assistants attend to the communication needs of sales representatives and cooperate with all parties in business communication. With their help, we can ensure that time is not lost due to communication breakdowns and ensure better relations with potential clients and existing customers.
Our clients benefit from the efficient use of their sales representatives' time to close deals with their clients. Our assistants can help them save up to 50% of the time they would spend recording business communication and lengthy ongoing communication, which means you save time by delegating your communication and support work to our support. So if you need help with sales communication logistics, let us know - we'll be happy to provide support in those areas as well.

ON-LINE CONTROLLING records all business operations in detail

As in the basic START1000 service, this additional service also contains detailed online controlling from complete records and statistics of all communication business activities that are carried out with the given client. You thus have a complete overview of the work of sales representatives and the work of our communication support assistant, including statistics on the effectiveness of online sales in real time.

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