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Etický B2B marketing

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Jsme B2B direct marketingová, komunikační a obchodní agentura s autorskými IT systémy, nástroji a unikátním know-how Zlatý grál B2B marketingu, prodeje, managementu a řízení.
eničíme kontakty, jméno vaší firmy a nevytváříme
My děláme KVALITU. A v tom je ten ROZDÍL!



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“Leads are nice, but qualified business leads are better. Czech Marketing, led by Mr. Vack, is a leader in the field of creating qualified leads and a partner you want to work with. We are watching the results of the joint appointment arranging campaign live. The campaign is truly "joint". It's not just about connecting you with potential clients. Czech marketing will help you take product sales to the next level. And thanks to this, break through in the target segment. Mr. Vacek has a perfect perception of market trends and draws your attention to new opportunities for your product."


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Although we were often at a disadvantage compared to the competitionnci, Český marketing has always observed and observes ethical marketing, GDPR and client data protection. I built for Vás data and application systems, introduced the principles of data processing, implemented control systems and started the administration of credentialsence for the protection of personal data to your data, data and clients were always safe. I personally and legally guarantee that none of your data, contacts, leady and clients will not be used in another client's campaigns and that your customers are not being offered for sale.

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We pride ourselves on always being one step ahead and being copied by others. START1000 is an author service and business B2B communication system of Czech Marketing and is built on direct communication of performance telemarketing, which is complemented by other communication channels and tools, such as personal e-mailing, online DIRECT marketing, etc. It is a successfully operated acquisition and communication support withreferences intended for sales representatives, managers, directors and executives of companies.The result is the arrangement of personal and online meetings and the transfer of live Leads with high business value to relevant persons of competent functions in companies of target groups of potential customers.

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Arranging business meetings with competent decision makers with high business value is the end result of all our carefully tested and selected communication channels. We help companies effectively establish contacts with often unavailable potential customers and maximize the chances of a successful B2B sale.
This is what sets us apart from other marketing agencies and call centers! We demonstrate that we understand the importance and need for end-to-end sales and how connecting B2B direct marketing and our communication selling can increase the number of deals closed. Marketing can help you gain the attention of potential customers and create awareness of your offering, butour specialization in direct marketing and appointment making ensures that marketing attention turns into real business meetings and sales.


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