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Český marketing is a distributor of a comprehensive global cyber protection solution
for tradedays againherepce a companies

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Please think about the value of business information on the computers and connected networks of your sales representatives! Their protection against hacker attacks is as important as the business itself. The use of laptops in public areas of networks and the Internet, in homes and in companies secured by standard IT protection is a high-risk fact, regardless of so-called secure company networks. That is why Český marketing s.r.o. became part of the partnership of the top cyber security of the countries of the European Union, Israel and the USA and a distributor of a set of the world's most effective security tools and solutions, which it provides not only to sales representatives and their companies, but also to private users who they want to protect their private data, bank accounts, crypto, email communication  etc. at the highest world level, and at a very affordable price.

Czech external supplier IT companies and IT departments in companies use a common level of security, the result of which is the fact that cyber protection was breached in every fourth company with an average subsequent damage of 25 million crowns. Companies may either not know about the data theft at all or deliberately conceal the cyber breach in order not to damage their reputation with customers and suppliers. The percentage of successful cyber attacks is therefore higher than what we learn from official sources. Many companies also know that the level of cyber security is a business advantage of the company and increasingly a condition of tenders.

Therefore, do not hesitate to contact our company so that we can familiarize you with this solution and the tools.

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